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mills and screeners for quarry, compost, wood and metal

Spanish company specialized in equipment for the screening of dry, humus, substrate, fertilizer, compost, manure, peat, bark, biomass, sawdust, woodchips, wood, metal, slag, scrap, etc.

AZLO constructions is dedicated to manufacturing mills and screeners and performing complete crushing and screening facilities.

The AZLO screeners have high precision with fine and difficult to screen products, they are of robust construction and guarantees a perfect operation of all kinds of both thick and heavy as thin and light materials.

The AZLO screeners can work inclined, completely horizontal or counter, making a perfect sized and material transport to their respective deposits without installing conveyors or inclined chutes.

The 50 years in the market endorse that practically we have been one of the best companies with installed machinery in every community of the country, in several EU countries and America, which helps to verify the quality and reliability of our products.

We provide our customers the services of mark-up, on-site counseling about anchor methodology and distribution plan to optimize time and costs of productions.

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Mills and screens for quarries, mines, gravel pits

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Cantera con molinos y cribas AZLO

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Construcciones AZLO, S.A.

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